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Clifton Heights Middle School Construction Update

Posted on July 5, 2024


Fencing has been installed as noted previously around the School District site. The temporary fencing is installed for the safety of pedestrians. Chief Rockenbach and I have discussed and offer the following descriptions of pedestrian safe walkway around the site safely.

South of Springfield Road heading North toward Westbrook School:

  • Cross at Sycamore at the North side crosswalk by utilizing the pedestrian button on traffic light cross over and utilize the West sidewalks to Oak Ave

Oak Ave heading South toward Springfield Road:

  • On Oak Ave walking toward Springfield Road on the East side of Oak Ave, pedestrians must cross at Wyncliffe Ave at the designated cross walk to the West Side of Oak Ave and proceed to intersection of Springfield Road and Oak Ave crosswalk.

The fencing was installed to block access to Oak Ave and Springfield Road due to large equipment expected to be utilized along the roadway and trucks entering and exiting the construction site routinely.


Thomas Micozzie, Borough Manager










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