FAQ Topic: Businesses

What is needed to open a new business?

Complete an  Application for Zoning and Use – Clifton Heights, PA ( the fee is $75.00.  Once the zoning application is approved. A business Use & Occupancy is needed  Application for Business Use and Occupancy – Clifton Heights, PA (  followed by an inspection.

What is needed before I sell my property?

A Certificate of Occupancy is needed for settlement. Complete Application for Real Estate Transfer – Clifton Heights, PA ( Fee is $100.00 per unit. Borough of Clifton Heights ( Schedule an inspection. Inspector’s will provide a report with items that need to be corrected. Reschedule follow up inspection, inspector will provide certificate needed for settlement.

How much is a zoning application?

The application for zoning & use fee is $75.00. Borough of Clifton Heights ( Do rental properties need to be registered with the borough? Yes, all rental properties need to be registered within the borough. To register, please complete Application for Rental License – Clifton Heights, PA (  See breakdown of fees Code Enforcement Payments … Continued

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