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FAQ Topic: Public Works FAQ

What are the methods of road maintenance?

There are several different methods used to maintain the roads for safe travel during the winter. At times, the snowfall may not be heavy enough to require plowing, and salt or will be used. In such instances, the salting process will start on and continue until all roads are completed. Other times, snowfall may be … Continued

Who plows State Highways?

PennDOT handles the state highways located within the Borough. After careful evaluation, Clifton heights determined that it was not in the best interest of our resident to continue the contract with PennDOT. The contract has been terminated, placing the sole responsibility of the opening of state highways back with the state. This will allow the … Continued

How will I know if the snow emergency is over?

A Snow Emergency will last at least 24 hours; however, the length may vary depending on the severity of the storm. Residents should check the Borough website for an update on the status of the Snow Emergency. Residents who do not have access to the internet may call the (610-623-1000) to inquire about the status … Continued

How Will I Know If a Snow Emergency Has Been Declared?

Once a Snow Emergency has been declared:  It will be announced via Red Alert.  It will be posted on the Borough Website.  Residents can call Request Line at (610) 623-1000 to inquire about Snow Emergency status.  Vehicles blocking highways, local roads or driveways will be towed.

What is a Snow Emergency?

There may be times when the falling and accumulation of snow and ice upon the streets of Clifton Heights constitutes a significant danger to the safety and wellbeing of residents and/or people traveling within the Borough. At that time, a recommendation will be made by the Borough Manager to declare a “Snow Emergency” for the … Continued

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