Update to Gas Main Project

Posted on January 11, 2023

Notice to Borough Residents


Beginning on Monday January 16 subcontractors for PECO will begin the trench repair of the asphalt on the following roadways within the borough where the gas main replacement took place during 2022:

Springfield Rd.

Oak Ave.

Davis Ave.

Prospect Ave.

Wyncliffe Ave.

Austin Dr.

Church St.

Sycamore Ave.

Fairview Rd.

Harrison Ave.

Summit St.

If you live and park in one of these areas, be on the lookout for no parking being posted where you may usually park. The trench repair where the contactor is working on a particular day will be completed by the end of that day.


Also, beginning on Monday January 16th, subcontractors from PECO will be out doing sidewalk, curb, and patio repair in the areas affected by the gas main work last year. The borough will have inspectors out observing the contractors and are advising the contractor to make the proper notification to the residents that may be affected on a particular day.

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