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Winter Storm and Trash Update 1/18/24

Posted on January 18, 2024

Dear Residents of Clifton Heights Borough
Trash pickup status January 18, 2024:
North Side Baltimore Pike
Due to icy conditions of the rear alleys , B and L Trash has advised streets were not picked up in the rear alley ‘s in the following locations.

The streets are on the North side of the Borough and include Revere Road, West Wyncliff Ave , Woodbridge Road, Crestwood Drive. There may also be a few spermatic missed homes along today’s route.

The Borough recognizes this is a concern, however the conditions caused a few minor accidents along the mentioned area.  I have been in contact with B and Land  and assured when the temperatures rise, and ice begins to melt trash this area will be picked up.

South Side of Borough below Baltimore Pike: January 19, 2024
With snow predicted tomorrow we can expect similar situations south of Baltimore Pike in the rear alley’s of row home areas. Temperatures are predicted to rise on Monday and B and L will double up to collect as much as they can accomplish to get back in track.

For a point of clarification, the alleys are the responsibility of the homeowner not the borough to clear .  I mention this due to several request to clear the driveways and salt.  Road Salt will do damage to driveways and the borough cannot assume that liability.

Snow Event January 19, 2024
Snow is predicted tomorrow beginning between 5A.M – 8 A, M with 3 – 4 inches predicted for Clifton Heights according to recent weather reports. Our crews will be in to begin salting and eventually plow the Borough Roads throughout the day.  The snow is expected to end early evening hours around 8:00 P.M.

Residents are reminded to not park on corners, close to driveways and to clear your sidewalks and drives within 24 hours of snow fall ending.
Resident can assist the Borough keeping inlets clear of snow and fire hydrants cleared if you happen to live near one of those locations.

My office, Chief Rockenbach , Emergency Management John Gould along with Fire Chief Nick DePompeo Fire E.M.S will be available and monitoring the storm.  If you have an emergency dial 911.

Thomas Micozzie
Borough Manager

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