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Winter Storm and Trash Update 1/19/24

Posted on January 20, 2024

Update on trash pickup January 18, 19, 2024.

As you are aware the trash company developed issues related to ice in the rear driveways. Also, today the County transfer stations closed for the afternoon drop off at transfer stations.
The borough along with the trash company have developed a plan to implement an extra trash truck and equipment beginning Monday morning for a separate pick up at the locations listed below.
Monday’s trash schedule and routes will remain in effect and be completed Monday. Monday is North side of the Borough.
The borough appreciates your understanding in this unusual situation and is committed to resolving the pickup on Monday with the implementation of the above plan. Facebook and the Borough web site are the official communication method of the Borough.
Facebook: Clifton Heights Borough (Thomas Micozzie, Borough Manager)
Web Site:
Today the south side rear driveways that were missed due to ice. Pick up will be January 22, 2024
Chester Ave
Odd side unit block West Madison
West Berkeley 100 block
West Academy 100 Block
Willowbrook Ave 100 Block
North Side form yesterday rear drive alleys missed due to ice. Pick up will be January 22, 2024
200 Block Wyncliffe
200 block Rever
200 Block Woodbridge
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Winter Storm Update- 1/20/24

The borough highway department returned this morning to salt the borough streets and sidewalks. With the help of the Sun, the majority of the roads are down to blacktop in the travel lanes and the rest should follow as the sun starts to shine on them. The crew will return if needed.

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