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Code Enforcement & Community Development


John Gould, BCO
Chief Code Enforcement Officer & Director of Community Development

Christine Pontarelli
Office Administrator

30 S. Springfield Rd. Clifton Heights, PA 19018
Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-4:30PM


The Clifton Heights Department of Code Enforcement and Community Development is responsible for ensuring the public safety, health, and welfare. The department is responsible for zoning, use regulations, subdivision, and land development, permits, and oversees all construction activities in the borough. Other responsibilities also include addressing property maintenance, public health, and quality of life issues. The department is charged with enforcing applicable codes, to ensure existing properties are properly cared for and maintained.

The borough appointed John Gould, III as Chief Code Enforcement Officer, and Director of Community Development in April of 2018. He comes with years of experience in local government and dealing with the unique issues that are shared by the aging properties of our first-generation suburbs. The mission of the department is to maintain the public safety, health, and welfare as well as educate the public and seek voluntary compliance to improve the quality of life in the borough.


Property transfers in the borough are required to obtain a Use & Occupancy Certificate prior to settlement. A use only certificate may be obtained for “as-is” sales, where the purchaser will bring the property into compliance after settlement.

Rental Properties are required to have an annual rental license. Properties are inspected each year, and on a complaint basis. Occupants of rental properties are required to maintain the property in a safe and sanitary condition. These provisions apply to residential, commercial, and industrial rental properties.

All new improvements to existing structures such as decks, sheds, garages, fences, new paving and concrete, patios, etc. require zoning approval prior to starting the work. All construction activities (plumbing, building, HVAC, electrical, demolition) require permits, inspections, and approvals.

The Property Maintenance Task Force is made up of Borough Officials, Borough Administration, and Code Enforcement Staff who proactively identify underperforming properties and areas and enforce applicable codes and standards. Property owners are notified and informed of the violations, legal actions including citations, court action(s), and nuisance abatement may be used to address the violations. Affected residents are encouraged to contact Borough Hall to discuss the issues.

Resident assistance

Several assistance programs are available to assist residents in need of paying for and making repairs and maintaining their homes. These programs are provided by several agencies. Information regarding these programs is available at Borough Hall.


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