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Code Enforcement FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

What are the code department office hours?

The code department office  hours are Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 4PM.

How can I get a permit to replace my roof?

Does a contractor need insurance?

Yes, all contractors need to provide their certificate of insurance and a PA state license number (HIC) when applying for a permit.

How much is a zoning application?

What is needed before I sell my property?

Is there a fee for a 2nd Use & Occupancy inspection?

No, two inspections are provided with a real estate transfer. The initial inspection and the follow up. There is a $50.00 fee for any additional inspections. 

What is needed to open a new business?

Complete an  Application for Zoning and Use – Clifton Heights, PA ( the fee is $75.00.  Once the zoning application is approved. A business Use & Occupancy is needed  Application for Business Use and Occupancy – Clifton Heights, PA (  followed by an inspection.

Do you have a list of contractors that work in the borough?

No, the borough does not recommend one contractor over another.

What is the procedure for getting a privacy fence put on my property?

Is there a list of requirements prior to an inspection for rental & real estate transfers?


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