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Michael Humphreys Council President 2nd Ward 610-623-1000 Email
Destiny Borrelli Council Vice President 3rd Ward 610-623-1000 Email
Leona Papale Councilperson 1st Ward (267) 393-5922 Email
Harris Resnick Councilperson 1st Ward 610-623-1000 Email
Bruce Fagioli Councilperson 2nd Ward (610) 259-1894 Email
William Braun Councilperson 3rd Ward
Karen Peterson Councilperson 4th Ward (610) 996-6204 Email
Suzanne Briddes Councilperson 4th Ward (610) 931-6174 Email
Thomas N. Micozzie Borough Manager / Right-To-Know Officer 610-623-1000 Email
Tim Rockenbach Chief of Police (610) 623-3242 Email
Peggy Moran Administrative Assistant 610-623-1000 Email
James Salmon Highway Department Foreman (610) 623-1000 Email
Jimmy Fitzgerald Highway Department (610) 623-1000
John Gould, BCO Chief Code Enforcement Officer / Director of Community Development / Zoning Officer/ Emergency Management Coordinator 610-623-3223 Email
Paula Stuhltrager Code Enforcement Secretary 610-623-3223 Email
Christine Pontarelli Code Enforcement Office Administrator 610-623-3223 Email
Lou Pontarelli Code Enforcement Officer 610-623-3223 Email
Dennis English Code Enforcement Officer / Inspector 610-623-3223 Email
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