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Trash & Recycling


Trash should be placed in cans with lids, not loose in bags. Trash should be placed curbside no earlier than 6pm the night before your pick up and no later than 7am the day of. Larger items (furniture, mattresses, carpet, etc.) can be placed out on the second pick up day of the week. Mattresses need to be placed inside plastic bags to be picked up.


For trash and recycling the borough has contracted B&L disposal for our residential pick up.

Collection Days

The borough collects trash four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) and single stream recycling one day (Wednesday)

Trash collection is split into two groups. The north side of Baltimore Ave. is collected Monday & Thursday with a couple individual streets on the south side. The south side of Baltimore Ave. is collected Tuesday & Friday.

Single stream recycling is collected borough wide every Wednesday

Monday & Thursday Pickup (north side)

  • Marple Ave.
  • Radnor St.
  • Jackson St.
  • The 400-600 blocks of E. Broadway Ave.
  • Austin Dr.
  • N. Oak Ave.
  • Prospect Ave.
  • Davis. Ave
  • High St.
  • Crestwood Dr. (200 Block) **The 5200 and 5100 blocks are in Upper Darby Township
  • Woodbridge Rd.
  • Wyncliffe Ave.
  • Revere Rd.
  • Seven Oaks Dr. (401-455) **All other address numbers are in Upper Darby Township
  • Wilton St.
  • Eyre Ave.
  • N. Church St.
  • N. Sycamore Ave.
  • Summit Ave.
  • N. Springfield Rd.
  • Mill St.
  • N. Glenwood Ave.
  • N. Penn St.
  • Maple Terrace
  • N. Diamond St.
  • Walnut St.
  • Harrison Ave.
  • Fairview Ave.
  • Arch St.
  • The odd numbered side of East & West Baltimore Ave.

Tuesday & Friday (south side)

  • Cambridge Rd.
  • W. Washington Ave.
  • E. Washington Ave.
  • W. Broadway Ave.
  • E. Broadway Ave. (except the 400-600 blocks: see Monday & Thursday)
  • W. Berkley Ave.
  • E. Berkley Ave.
  • W. Madison Ave.
  • E. Madison Ave.
  • Academy Rd.
  • S. Church St.
  • Willowbrook Ave.
  • Cherry St.
  • Chester Ave.
  • S. Sycamore Ave.
  • S. Diamond St.
  • S. Penn St.
  • Ogden St.
  • S. Glenwood Ave.
  • Holly St.
  • Edgemont Ave.
  • Windsor Ln.
  • The even numbered side of East & West Baltimore Ave.

Recycling information

Single stream recycling is collected every Wednesday borough wide. As with trash, cans can be placed curbside no earlier than 6pm Tuesday evening and no later than 7am Wednesday morning. The borough does provide one recycling bin per address, but you do not need a recycling bin to have your recycling picked up. If you need a larger can for recycling, you can use any trash can, as long as it is marked recycling. We have recycling stickers available at borough hall if this is a better option for you.

Paints & Hazardous Materials

Latex (water based) paints can be placed out for regular trash collection provided they are dried. You can either leave the can open to dry the paint or mix in kitty litter to dry the paint out. All oil based paints and stains must go through the county hazardous materials collection.

Delaware County holds multiple hazardous materials collections through out the year. Please click the following link for a list of collectable materials and collection dates and locations.


Clifton Heights and Aldan Borough have partnered together on electronics recycling. Twice a year these also include paper shredding. Please check the borough calendar for dates. Electronics are considered tv's, computers, cell phones.

Microwaves, radios, VCR's and DVD players, speakers are considered regular trash and can be put out with your regular trash collection.

If you are not sure whether or not an item needs to be E-cycled, please contact borough hall at 610-623-1000

Frequently asked questions

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